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  1. Basic principles of building science (i.e., viewing the home as a system)

  2. Thermal resistance of insulation materials

  3. The minimum rated features for buildings

  4. Blower door testing procedures

  5. Duct leakage testing procedures

  6. Variations in construction types and their ramifications

  7. Types and efficiencies of windows

  8. Types and efficiencies of heating, cooling, water heating, and lighting systems

  9. Types and characteristics of space conditioning and domestic hot water distribution systems

  10. Types of thermostatic controls

  11. Determination of azimuth

  12. Determination of air leakage

  13. Determination of fuels used by major appliances

  14. Utility rate structures

  15. On-site inspection procedures

  16. Producing a scaled and dimensioned drawing of a home

  17. Calculating the area of rectangles, triangles, circles, ovals and combinations of these shapes

  18. Calculating the volume of boxes, pyramids, spheres, and other geometric shapes

  19. Completing a home energy rating checklist or entering data into a home energy rating software program

  20. Completing a home energy improvement analysis or entering data into a home energy rating software program that performs improvements analysis

  21. Basic knowledge of financial incentive programs and energy efficient mortgages

  22. Communicating the benefits of energy saving measures and practices to the consumer

  23. Quality assurance